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Tate Lawn Care is implementing a new Customer Rewards Program!

This Program will be based on a 10 point System for each lawn care referral that is received and hires us to maintain their property. Please make sure your referrals let us know it was YOU!

1 Point = $25 Bill Credit

2 Points=$50 Bill Credit

3 Points=$75 Bill Credit

4 Points=$100 Bill Credit

5 Points=$200 Bill Credit

6 Points=$225 Bill Credit

7 Points=$250 Bill Credit

8 Points=$275 Bill Credit

9 Points=$300 Bill Credit

10 Points= $500 Bill Credit

Points can be cashed in at anytime. However, once points earned are used, the point system will restart. The best value would be to cash points in when you hit 10 points.

Please like us and share on Facebook! We will be keeping an up to date Facebook page this year. For those of you who are interested, you will be able too see what we do on a day to day basis! Should be fun! 

Thank you all again as I really do feel like I have the best customers in the world!!

Joshua Tate

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