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Tate Lawn Care Provides top quality property maintenance at affordable pricing. We honestly believe we provide the best value in our local market. We have the equipment and know how to maintain a wide variety of property sizes. Anything from small residential, to Large commercial/Condo. We always provide upfront pricing and always provide free quotes. We currently manage over 190 residential properties and 9 commercial. We have grown at a steady pace, mainly off customer referrals and plan to keep growing in the future. 

Tate Lawn Care has teamed up with TyBren Lawn Care to provide the very best fertilization packages. 

We also provide professional snow plowing for residential, and commercial property owners at great rates. We will be there when the snow starts to fly and get life back to normal.

Commercial Customers Receive top notch service from a dedicated Team. We are flexible enough to provide great value for your business whether you need something small done, or the full package while keeping you within budget. Paper or Electronic Invoices Available.

Why us?

We offer the BEST VALUE in the local market. Our Customers have come to expect Timely, Professional services on thier properties and this is what they Receive! 

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